ddDeadly Dues (Touchwood Editions, 2010) When former TV star Lulu Malone finds her evil union representative stabbed to death, her first instinct is to run. Unfortunately, the exit is crowded, as she has four actor friends with her. Without much choice, Lulu becomes enmeshed in the real-life detective hunt, one that she has only experienced as an actor on TV. With her life in danger, and her beloved dog Horatio kidnapped, Lulu's days are filled with threats, thrift store finds, and hindrances by unknown, overweight assailants. Get ready for the Lulu Malone mysteries, a gutsy new detective series that presents meditations on the life of the artist, in between muggings, murders and mayhem.

ffFiction and Folly for the Festive Season (Altitude Publishing, 2006) What would you do if you found a dead turkey hanging over your doorstep? To find out what one woman does when she finds herself staring down deceased poultry, read this quirky, laugh-out-loud collection of festive fables and holiday howlers, a perfect accompaniment to any Christmas holiday. Author Linda Kupecek takes us on a narrative journey that includes a whimsical story of salvation, a New Year's party that threatens to end a marriage, and a touching account of how a man who had nothing was able to give a wonderful holiday gift. Ian Bazley's quirky and unconventional do-it-yourself take on the holidays unfolds through hilarious architechtural plans, complete with recipes for perfect elf drinks, decorating tips for the Christmas procrastinator, a guide to Santas around the world, and many more. Wind up the laugh-track and let out the guffaws!

RC OFC 5x7 72dpi smallerThe Rebel Cook (Altitude Publishing, 2006) The Rebel Cook, intended as a survival guide for the hopelessly inept and fearlessly hospitable, is a book for those who love to entertain, but, who, like the author, are clueless in the kitchen. A combination of anecdote, horror story, and sneaky tricks, the book is intended to be a light in the tunnel for the terrified host or hostess. Yes! You can entertain! Just dim the lights, set an eccentric table, play great music, invite the right people, and nobody will notice the heartrending mess on the serving platter!

rw Rebel Women (Altitude Publishing, 2003) Many famous women of the west are celebrated elsewhere. In this book, we meet lesser known rebels, those who lived with passion, individuality, and courage. These are women who dared to follow their own path through life; women who dared to be different.